there goes the weekend

do you believe that things happen for a reason?

there was a crack on my windshield this morning. it was on the driver’s side so i noticed it immediately. it was a bit of a shock as it wasn’t there yesterday. maybe part of me knew that the crack would cost me the weekend, but i stashed it into the back of my mind and thought that it’s too small to be of any bother.

the day went on as i prepared to make the trip down south. maybe i should have seen the signs – the difficulty of getting my touch ‘n’ go card topped up. two friends deciding against taking the journey with me. the heartache that came with changing the currency. a patient’s procedure that took longer than expected. the pouring rain.

and the crack in my windshield, quietly snaking its way across the glass. pounding at the back of my head.

i looked cautiously at the crack as i sat in the car and filled up the immigration card. was it getting larger? maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me. i smoothed my fingers across the inner surface of my windscreen. it was holding up well against the rain, so i started the engine and went on my way.

the roads were flooded, both with cars and water. it took me 30 minutes to inch my way to the road leading to the highway…and it was at the third ridiculously slow traffic light that i stole a glimpse at the crack.

my heart dropped. it had advanced to almost double its original length. it looked threatening, sinister. it had cost me the weekend. i knew i had to turn back.

the evening had promised to be a good one. a large supply of drinks. lots of good friends. a football match with some (maybe) hot lawyers. all awaiting me at the other side of the causeway.

instead, i will be spending the weekend…literally. i understand that windshields don’t come cheap. on the plus side, the football is still on, and there will be some (definitely) hot pre-doctors watching with me. i get to do some work. i get to dodge the wrath of my group mates and actually go on call. i get to save the currency for next time.

of course that’s just me rationalising…i’m bummed beyond words. =(

so do you believe things happen for a reason? right now i’m a little too disappointed to believe anything.


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