2 things

something interesting happened to me today. okay, TWO something-interestings happened to me today.

first, my laptop finally crashed. black screen. can’t even use safe mode. my friend spent 2 precious hours of his sleep running a diagnostic test, which didn’t help much, before declaring it beyond his expertise. so i sent it to the shop and the guy there – who looked my age, only more apathetic – said that after he takes a look at it (rm35), he’ll let me know if the drives need to be formatted (rm50). 10 hours later, i get a phone call from him saying that he’ll format the c: drive (rm50) so at least i’ll have the other drive left.


the second interesting thing happened in between those 10 hours. i was invited to become a model for a friend who signed up for a beauty course run by (what else?) a multilevel marketing company. of course i had to sit through 90mins of product endorsements before the actual makeup applying happened. the speaker was, as usual, absolutely charming. she spoke about the importance of beauty and everything wasn’t anything different from what i already know from cleo and women’s weekly and whatever magazines i leech off my sister…

…except this: there was alot of emphasis on beauty and the opinion of our male partners. that beauty is important because a woman is a man’s best accessory. that men are actually lying when they tell their girlfriends/wives that they look best when they look natural. that if you buy a makeup product that your husband/boyfriend doesn’t like, you can always return it to said multilevel marketing company.

re:women as accessories. so okay fine i agree that a well-groomed woman reflects well on her partner…but surely there was no need to refer to us as accessories? accessories. the word implies replaceable. an add-on. a freaking luxury! how about just leave it at the fact that it’s important to look good to support your other half?

she also mentioned that men don’t really mean it when they say that their female counterparts look better when they look natural. the real reasons (according to her)?
1. we spend too much time putting on our faces and so the men tell us that so we’d hurry up and be in time for dinner-and-a-movie.
2. we spend too much money on beauty products.


finally…it would take an extremely colour-blind woman to buy a beauty product that looks horrible on her. seriously. especially if she’s aware enough of what’s going on to even have heard of the multilevel marketing company.

that said, my friend did an excellent job at colouring my face. i looked a good 3 or 4 years older because the makeup was done for photo purposes, but it was nice. maybe i should do my makeup like that in the future. might get me an older guy hurhur.

anyway, she lent me her laptop so i can continue working on my portfolio. thank God for friends. thank God for gmail for having backup copies of my portfolios. thank God for everything, really. this might not be that bad a weekend after all.


4 responses to “2 things

  1. Nice Blog…Keep Sharing

  2. I’ve always maintained that women themselves do more to screw up women’s rights than any man possibly can.

  3. i absolutely agree. i was rather offended at some parts of her talk.

  4. i think make-up works both ways: you look realllll good or doggone bad. think it’s usually the latter unfortunately :/

    portfolios! you’re almost there! 🙂 jiayou.

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