there are just 3 days left till my final final exam and as much as i’d like to fill this blog with whiny why-did-i-do-this posts, the truth is that i don’t have any energy left to be emo in 350 words. so yeah i have twitter, but 140 characters isn’t quite enough for, you know, this.

so i have succumbed to the lovechild of wordpress and twitter – tumblr – and decided to use my account for more than just favouriting john mayer’s ramblings.

therefore i am proud to introduce to you: 3wrds, my little shrine to all things shallow and music-y and extremely emo. there are currently 12 posts, a third of which consist of large b&w portrait photographs of men (2 of them of mayer) and the rest of…stuff.

okay i have to get back to studying. please pray i’ll pass. i might not wanna be a clinician my whole life, but i do wanna graduate and start serving my countrymen whose hard-earned wages put me through med school. after that – world domination. see you guys next week.


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