supposed to

i’m supposed to be happy today – two of my friends have been united in marriage.

instead, i went though the day with a dead phone because i stupidly left my charger in the ban. then, my friend didn’t bring the charger with her when she came for the wedding. i got to the wedding venue without getting lost, but parked at the mall behind the place because my father said it was unlikely for them to validate the parking. then, i found out that parking would be validated after all and that i had just parked somewhere that would cost me RM9 by the time the event ended. the wedding went smoothly enough, but then i offered to send a friend back to that traffic hellhole called sunway just because i didn’t want to navigate kl alone, and subsequently spent an extra hour getting her back to her accommodation. the traffic was so bad that i had to take two detours through housing areas to get home. it made me late for the 5pm service at another church, which got me in a fix because i told two friends i was gonna go and then maybe join them for dinner afterwards. therefore i needed some way to contact them but because in this day and age we don’t memorise people’s phone numbers anymore, i had to borrow my mother’s phone to send off a message. who knew she locked her sim card? so now she can’t unlock it.

and it’s my bloody fault.

i don’t even think it’s justified for me to be annoyed. i mean, it’s my own fault. i left the charger in seremban. i was the one who didn’t have the sense to realise that for goodness’ sake parking will definitely be validated at a venue where an event was gonna be held. i was the one who was too insecure to make my way back home alone from downtown kl.

it’s my own freaking fault that my day has been ruined. that i’ve managed to ruin my mother’s day in the process. and to top it all off, i lost my temper because i was so annoyed at myself.

sigh. i don’t know. i’m supposed to be happy today.


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