thank you

Studying medicine and becoming a doctor is a long journey and there will be times where you feel pressured, stressed out and all alone. But hang in there, God has a purpose for every trial and challenge you’ll face. =)

7 years ago, my college tutor gave me the poster above as a thank you for helping her out on a project. she took the time to choose a poster which obviously had alot of thought put into it, and she wrote an encouraging note on its reverse. i cherished this poster so much that it went up on my wall when i returned from singapore and it had a place in my rooms in both seremban and batu pahat.

my tutor’s words held true throughout my years in medical school. if you’ve been reading this blog for some time, you would know that there were all too many times when i’ve written about the frustrations and disappointments that come with preparing to be a doctor. i have doubted my intentions, regretted my decisions…and yet there were moments when i could not help but praise God for putting me in IMU, for letting me choose medicine, for being with me every step of the way.

today, i am a doctor.

mostly just by name, because no one really becomes a doctor until she’s garnered some amount of work experience, but a doctor nonetheless. i feel every bit of the 5 years i’ve spent in medical school. i feel the lethargy, the impatience and the breaking of my spirit at every case presentation, every exam, even every patient encounter.

it has been a long 5 years and after all the celebration and oath-taking and posing for photographs, i came home and re-read the message my tutor wrote to me 7 years ago.

God, never let me be too proud of my prefix to forget that i did not get here alone. i did not make it through by my strength, my abilities. i made it here because of You, because of the people You have put around me – my family, my teachers, my friends. thank You for hearing my prayers, for hearing theirs and never forsaking me. this is the beginning of the rest of my life and i implore you, Lord, to remain with me always like You promised. amen.

thanks everyone. i am going off for 2 months of hedonistic behaviour now. =)


4 responses to “thank you

  1. Congratulations, doc!

  2. thanks vincent!

  3. congrats lishun! =D now for an exciting (i hope) next part of this medical journey.

  4. Congrats Lishun! 🙂

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