the best mix of music…not

quite some time ago, i ranted about the censorship of lyrics on national radio here and here. if you thought those two were stupid, let me tell you about even more examples of unnecessary censorship.

1. “need you now” by lady antebellum
now, i like this song alot. it’s a desperate (bootie?) call birthed from a kind of loneliness you only get in the wee hours when you think to yourself, “what the hell am i doing here, drinking alone, miserable, when i could be snuggled up with someone i still love but pretend that i don’t?”

yeah. too many sitcoms, i know.

anyway, the second verse goes like this:
another shot of whiskey, can’t stop looking at the door.
wishing you’d come sweeping in the way you did before.

the powers-that-be decided that the word “whiskey” would drive people into a drunken stupor and promptly gave it the chop. why not blur out the word “drunk” in the chorus while you’re at it eh? idiots.

2. “OMG” by usher

no, i’m serious. apparently “bootie” is fine, but “boobies” is not. are our radio stations run by 12-year-olds? God help this country, PLEASE.

3. “alejandro” by lady gaga
i don’t know why people choose to smoke. hell, i don’t know why some doctors choose to smoke. probably those karangan contoh answers like peer pressure, or whatever.

but i do know what doesn’t drive people to smoke – the mention of cigarettes in a lady gaga song. yet here we are, in 2010, and the word “cigarette” is blurred out in this song.

i don’t like lady gaga simply because she didn’t stop pushing the envelope when she could have, but dude? whoever you are? i’ll bet you’re hypocritically puffing away in some corridor in the astro broadcasting office building while ruining the music for people who do love lady gaga. jackass.

4. “hey, soul sister” by train
there are a few great pop songs of my time (read: late 90s – present) and pat monahan of train has written two of them. therefore it’s a no-brainer that i’d like to enjoy this song without any interruption. and it was all going great, until somewhere in the second verse where the words go:

i believe in you, like a virgin you’re madonna
and i’m always gonna wanna blow your mind

i could not believe my ears. the word “virgin” was censored. *speechless*

no wonder our kids are confused! you teach them abstinence (which doesn’t work) because God will smite them if they have premarital [insert euphemism here], you have teachers who dodge the subject to teach them how babies are conceived, and then you censor a word that you should very well be promoting heavily as a good thing. what kind of message is that? that virgin is a dirty word? and you wonder why we have such appalling rates of teenage pregnancies? we’re freaking confused!

5. “i’ll be” – by edwin mccain
i saved the best for last.

hands up anyone who has ever made a mixed tape/cd/ipod playlist for a loved one with this song in it. yeah, i figured. did you guys feel like killing yourselves? did you feel compelled to slit your wrists? jump off the macc building (and leave a note to be discovered only one year later)? hang yourself?

no? really? because anyone who’s heard the horrible mashed-up frankenstein’s monster-like version of edwin mccain’s beautiful love song would think that the words “love’s suicide” must have contributed somewhat to the shocking number of deliberate self-harm cases in malaysia.

love’s suicide. love’s suicide. love’s suicide. oh goodness i simply have to go turn up the windows of my car and leave the engine running. *rolls eyes*

in case you’d like to hear these atrocities on radio, the station to tune into would be MIX FM (94.5 in klang valley). that’s right folks, it is MIX FM that is committing these stupid acts of censorship. MIX FM. MIX FM. no longer my favourite radio station.

i hope you “unlike” them too.


2 responses to “the best mix of music…not

  1. It can’t be just MIX FM.

    No wonder I never noticed – I usually change the station when I hear the first few notes 😛

    The most obvious, recent and blatant one was Katy Perry’s I Kissed A Girl, LOL.

  2. ArlyneIsAwesome&Magnificent


    And the caps justifies that. =)

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