freedom to worship

i started asking questions about God when my grandfather, a devout catholic man, died. no one in my family believed in God so i went to the only other source i knew of – the christian fellowship in my school.

we weren’t a society then. the headmistress at the time did not object (much) to us having our meetings every week in school, but she would not have us recognised as an actual society. still we were thankful that we were allowed to use the school premises and we met faithfully every week, singing the songs that i love so much, praying to the God that my grandfather worshipped. although i did not become a (proper?) christian until i left school (and my parents) while in college, i know that the time i spent in that classroom every friday was pivotal in bringing me to Christ.

so it was with much sadness that i heard of how cf became outlawed in my school after the change in leadership. that it became illegal to worship my God. that my brothers and sisters had to pray in smaller groups so as to not be detected by school authorities. although it’s heartening to hear that the zeal for God is still there and that students see the importance in continuing to invite God into my school, it would be wonderful if we could do so freely like we used to.

the recent secular allowing non-muslim religious societies to be established in schools was the result of a letter of complaint to a newspaper. although the move was encouraging, i’m sure many students, parents and teachers know that some schools are still resistant to allowing religious societies to run activities in schools. there is fear in even bringing up the topic with authorities…and who could blame them?

anyway, if you are a concerned parent or a student willing to take the step to approach your headmaster/headmistress about allowing the establishment of non-muslim religious societies in school, please have a look at this website. i know it’s a christian website, but i think the letter can be modified to any religious society – be it buddhist, sikh, ba’hia, hindu.

it is our basic right to pray and worship freely in malaysia. our diversity is what makes this country great! let’s work towards giving our children that freedom, even in school.


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