anticipate the letdown

there’s this scene in “500 days of summer” where the expectations of the protagonist, tom, are shown in tandem with what really happens. he expected to go to his ex-non-girlfriend’s party and reclaim some of the chemistry they had lost…and instead found himself a spectator at an occasion celebrating an event he did not anticipate at all.

that scene really got to me. although i’ve kept a mantra of “no expectations, no disappointments” since college, it’s never stopped me from having expectations of others and myself and situations just like the one tom went through.

of course, with the movie being a sort of anti-romcom, my thoughts naturally went to the times when i expected a certain outcome from the meet ups with any of the handful of guys i’ve been interested in and found myself with nothing but disappointment at the end of the evening. it doesn’t help that anyone i’ve decided was worth my time and effort and vulnerability always ALWAYS turns out to be in a relationship i didn’t know about, or interested in someone i didn’t know about, or something along those lines. actually, not just those lines, but specifically along the lines of “you’re a great girl, but not great enough for me.”

it’s can be kinda funny once i stop crying or berating myself for being stupid, but it’s never amusing right there and then when i, like tom, had to cope with how different and frustrating reality always is.

it’s these cards and the movies and the pop songs, they’re to blame for all lies and the heartache…



One response to “anticipate the letdown

  1. i loved this movie:)) one of those i caught online in brussels while freezing my butt off in the frikkin’ dorm.. ha ha! 🙂
    happiness finds us when we finally stop looking sweets.. keep the faith. it’ll come 😉

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