4 more days

i think i’m a halfway person.

i can think of countless projects i’ve started but never really completed, people i’ve failed to continue to keep in touch with, books i’ve read halfway (jonathan strange & mr norrell, midnight’s children)…

…and this trip to the united kingdom, which is supposed to be a solo backpacking trip of sorts but, in true i-am-still-unemployed fashion, has ended up not quite there with me being a couchsurfer.

at 25. shameful, i know.

still i guess it’s the years of constant pounding into my brain that i am female and therefore vulnerable that has caused me to doubt my ability to be fully independent and spend nights at averagely-ranked hostels sharing a dorm with 5-10 other travellers who, inevitably, will be of the noisy partying types and the “don’t talk to strangers” training i’ve had since i was a kid will kick in and i will be shy, reserved and altogether antisocial.

so this 2-week solo backpacking trip prolly isn’t gonna be like the trips you read about and watch on the telly. there will be no random gallivanting or cycling around on country roads with 2 hot spanish guys also on their grad trip (their sexual preference would be in question somewhat anyway). it’s more likely that i’ll be taking a day trip with a couple of pensioners recovering from a summer of grandkids and brunch.

i’m still looking forward to it. call me an anglophile, but i have wanted to go to the united kingdom since forever. it’s all the enid blytons and agatha christies, the football team i’ve supported from age 8 (who are playing the ‘pool, AT HOME, but i failed to secure tickets sigh), hugh grant and colin firth, hyde park, rolling purple hills with sheep on them and, later on in my life, the promise of an extensive art collection at the tate.

i’m leaving on sunday. can’t wait.


3 responses to “4 more days

  1. Hello Lishun, you don’t know me and I know this is random, I just wanted to tell you that it’s perfectly safe to be female and travel alone in Europe. I’ve shared dorms with guys who were perfectly nice and left me alone, as long as you stay smart, it’s not an issue to be an Asian female. Btw, I’m not sure if you know about this but there are a lot of companies that offer free walking tours of various cities. This is one of my favourite ones, their guides are passionate about what they do and you get to see a side of the city other than what appears in brochures. (http://www.neweuropetours.eu/) There are other sites that offer alternative self-directed walking tours with routes that you can print out.
    Hope this helps. =) Have a blast!I miss the UK.

  2. Just pack..and go. I got many female friends who did it solo and no regrets..

  3. When you get to London, whatever you do, do not miss out on Les Miserables.

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