prize: ikea ice cream

i don’t really have enough readers to do this…but heck.

the above is a pictorial representation of a lyric from a song by one of my favourite singers. here are three clues:

1. he was from a group that split up when i was 11.
2. he recently got married.
3. the song samples a famous breakup anthem from 1978.

gimme the line, title of the song, and the artist who sang it. as usual, the winner gets ice cream from ikea. hehe.

5 responses to “prize: ikea ice cream

  1. I am free, and I would make the effort to try.

    Problem is, (1) ice cream from Ikea isn’t really that big an incentive and (2) I have no idea who those 3 blokes are.

  2. All the best women are married, all the handsome men are gay.
    Robbie Williams.
    Yes, I’m a fan.

  3. lol. here’s 2 extra icecreams for your girls. =)

    vincent: rupert everett, matt bomer and johnathan groff. no ice cream for you!

  4. Bryce Larkin real-life actor is GAY!?

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