traveling solo

i’ve come to the end of my 2 weeks in the uk. i’ve been to manchester, nottingham, lincoln, edinburgh, glasgow, york, bath, windsor and am now in london, contemplating a short trip to cambridge.

it’s been pretty exciting traveling alone, being able to take my time and look at things other people would prolly not be interested in. but the times i’ve had the most fun was when i was with my friends, most of whom i haven’t seen in awhile. it was best when all we were doing was catching up on gossip and discussing their decisions to make a new home in a country away from their families.

so i guess it’s no surprise that i’ve begun to feel a little lonely. the trip from glasgow to york en route to london was the worst i’ve felt all fortnight. i had a horrid bout of nausea and ended up donating my breakfast to the floor of the train…then gave the toilet at york railway station a second helping. to add to the misery, the fabulous weather of the week before gave way to rain, torrents of it.

still, i thought, since i’m at york already, i might as well take a look at the place. so i spent 2 grey hours at the beautiful town, exploring the york minster, before deciding that enough was enough and i should return to london.

it was then that i felt the first pangs of homesickness – not because i wasn’t enjoying myself, but because i was alone. sick. tired. and i was making my way to a flat of a friend who wasn’t going to be home when i arrive.

i feel better now, physically, but it still hits right where it hurts when i walk through the lovely parks in london and i think – wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to share all this with? wouldn’t it be nice to have a warm hand to hold when the wind chills my extremities? not the most romantic way to put it…but you know what i mean!

anyway, i have a train to catch. it’s the last train journey i’ll take, the one that will complete the 8 days of train travel i’ve paid for. i’ll be wandering the paths in cambridge and wondering why i didn’t apply here (even if my chances of getting in are slim) and i’ll be doing it alone once more.

at least today i have cream tea with the “flatmates” to look forward to on my return. surely that’s an improvement?


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