2 days i’ve been back and so far i’ve settled some paperwork, bought a book i have no need for right now, had a foot massage (and got told that a painful right 4th toe means i am sleep deprived), and a haircut that makes me look like a tv anchor.

perhaps it’s the melancholy that comes at the end of a holiday that i had been looking forward to from the very first day i stepped into university, but i am completely unenthusiastic about everything. the photographs waiting to be photoshopped into something completely unrecognisable just remind me of the time that has flown by and i am thinking of another weekend away from home eventhough there are only just so many weekends left here in kl before i am summoned to serve the country.

i am terrified of being a doctor, just absolutely terrified. apparently i am embarrassed too, of the respect or sometimes the lack of it. like it’s a bad thing to be where i am now – not really a doctor but not a student either. i dunno.

the full account of my holidays will be up soon enough. i just need to tie up loose ends and do some things i couldn’t bring myself to say no to.

see you soon.


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