london – a first impression

as i’ve mentioned before, my recent trip to the united kingdom was a long-anticipated one. i originally envisioned it as a backpack-around-europe kinda thing but problems with logistics and my anxiety-filled final semester downgraded things to a quick romp around the british isles on an rm8000 budget, mostly aimed at meeting up with friends i haven’t seen since i left for clinical school.

it wasn’t very well planned – in fact, i went to scotland with no plans other than when i was to arrive and leave – and i had to improvise alot along the way, but it was the longest trip i’ve gone on without my family in tow and it taught me alot about self-sufficiency.

of course, i also got to see some pretty incredible sights which could not be captured adequately by my 6-year-old compact camera (6MP…imagine that!) but i did the best i could.

the photos in this post were taken on my first day in london, right before i hopped onto the train to manchester.

the view from my friend’s place in tooting, at 6am in the morning.

i walked past the british library on my way to kings cross railway station. i thoroughly regret not taking a look inside as the library houses some pretty famous works of literature. the statue’s called “newton” by eduardo paolozzi.

the most beautiful railway station i’ve seen. it’s where one would catch the eurostar to paris.

here’s an embarrassing story: i made the foolish decision to walk to hyde park from kings cross after looking at a map of london and thinking “heh, it doesn’t look that far, i shall just take a little stroll.” the little stroll took me a good 90mins, out of which 15mins was dedicated to walking the length of hyde park alone.

the best part of it all? i was making my way to hyde park in order to join a walking tour, which ended up lasting a good 3 hours.

i always took the tube after that.

the official photographer of the santander free walking tour.

statue of king george V outside westminster abbey, by william reid dick. i also did not make it into westminster abbey, which is a shame because i did not get to experience the surreal feeling of, as my friend put it, “having lots of famous people laid to rest under my feet.”

london euston railway station. i began my real journey through the uk here, on the 1545 to manchester piccadilly…


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