manchester etc.

now for the parts of manchester that didn’t matter as much…hurhur.

the big wheel of manchester. compulsory sight for visitors. whee.

chinatown, another compulsory stop for tourists. just a small street, really.

i asked my friends to show me the “brochure” shots of their respective universities. this is the university of manchester, my father’s alma mater. i didn’t have time to explore the campus and get a picture in front of the faculty of economics. my sister said he was rather disappointed.

i visited this museum for two reasons:
(a) it was a 15-minute walk from old trafford, and (b) it was designed by daniel libeskind, the architect commissioned to oversee the reconstruction of ground zero in new york.

the interior of the museum

the building is alot more beautiful from the canal but i had a train to catch so i didn’t walk around to the back in order to check it out. i believe my readers are smart enough to google up more pictures and information about the museum.


One response to “manchester etc.

  1. wahhhh..i didnt even step into that museum
    sorry couldnt bring you around babe….:(
    sorry you had to travel alone. wished i was there the take more pics for u…
    come back k..when i’m FREE

    big hugs!

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