nottingham castle

nottingham was a breath of fresh air compared to manchester. even the view from the train was very different from the one between london and manchester. while the latter was flat plains and not much else, i was treated to hills and small bodies of water as i made my way to robin hood land.

nottingham was a lot less congested than manchester. it made me think of petaling jaya, but with better town planning…not sure if that makes sense!

anyhoo, i visited nottingham castle, wollaton hall and park, the university of nottingham and the city of caves. here are some pictures from nottingham castle:

the perils of traveling alone include not having anyone take compulsory posing photos of you at important landmarks. thankfully, the girl who took this picture was a decent photographer.

the cobblestone path marks out the location of an actual wall in the courtyard of nottingham castle. i cannot remember the significance of the wall. pretty much sums up my visit of nottingham castle, really.

i have a bad habit of taking pictures of the back of people’s heads, don’t i? it comes with being too shy to take photos of other people and the lack of a telephoto lens as well as a dslr body to go with it. ah wells.

more on nottingham after this!


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