more of nottingham

as a malaysian, i am constantly on the hunt for good places to eat. however, i’m not the fussiest eater and would make an awful food blogger. nevertheless, i did come up with a short list of things that i simply have to eat while in the united kingdom. needless to say, the “national” dish of england, chicken tikka masala, made that list. so when one of my juniors suggested an indian restaurant as the location for lunch in nottingham, i jumped at the chance to give chicken tikka masala a try.

he ordered huge plates of briyani and naan which came with a variety of curries, including chicken tikka masala. the verdict? it tasted rather like ayam masak merah drowned in prawn-and-tomato sauce. not bad, but not particularly good either. i can see why the brits would like it though – like everything else they like, it was excessively sweet and salty. haha.

the other curries were alot nicer and the seafood briyani was brilliant. made me miss the bariyani gam of batu pahat though. fragrant multi-coloured basmati rice cooked with succulent chunks of melt-in-your-mouth mutton…mmmm…

we worked off the calories by going to wollaton hall and a spin around the university of nottingham campus.

built by the willoughby family, this house appears far more majestic than nottingham castle.

quite imposing, no? it’s a natural history museum inside, with loads of preserved animals and a couple of fossils. the centerpiece is an elephant’s skull…pretty freaky stuff. superior to nottingham castle in every way…and yet admission is free!

wollaton hall was built atop a hill on wollaton park, an large piece of land that is home to a flock(?) of deer. the stags were in the process of moving from one grazing ground to another while i was there. i did not expect them to be so big. haha. there were also foals that were born recently in spring. overall a very nice park to cycle or jog in.

we then left wollaton park and headed off to the university of nottingham.

the brochure shot. the clock tower at the trent building, the university’s trademark building.

another item on my “must eat” list was donner kebab. there was one waiting for me when i got home that night. i have to say…it’s comfort food at its best!

quote of the trip came from my friend’s boyfriend: “it feels strange eating this sober.” rotfl.

julie, my lovely host in nottingham. =)

and so ends my adventure in nottingham. next stop: lincoln.


2 responses to “more of nottingham

  1. Which kebab shop was that?

  2. no idea…but it was delicious! prolly the one you frequented last time? haha.

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