lincoln, lincolnshire

i headed off to lincoln the next morning from nottingham railway station…

it might seem a little strange as to why i made my way to lincoln. why didn’t i go to liverpool instead, to do a beatles tour or visit anfield? the answer’s a simple one: i wanted to visit lincoln to see two of my dearest friends. unfortunately only one was around when i was there, but it was still worth it and lincoln became one of my favourite stops.

the beautiful river witham that runs through the town of lincoln.

the empowerment sculpture by stephen broadbent, at the city square.

st switham’s cathedral. i was taking a couple of pictures when one of the workers invited me in for “tea and biscuits”. when i went in, there was a whole group of retirees sitting down and having a chat over some hot drinks…it was such an adorable sight! i regret to say that i was too shy to join them; they looked like they were having a great time. good company, and it only cost 60p.

this is steep hill, so named because it’s damn freaking steep! it is lined with the cutest stores – candy shops, vintage stores and bookshops – and leads to lincoln castle and cathedral.

sweets from a candy shop i passed by on steep hill. the owner, malcolm, has a penchant for vintage cash registers. i bought a bag of the rhubarb and custard pieces you see here on the left – they were absolutely delicious!

the roman ruins, with lincoln cathedral peeking out above.

next stop: the most beautiful place of worship i’ve seen so far – lincoln cathedral.


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