lincoln cathedral

“after awhile, cathedrals all look the same,” said my sister as my mother nodded in agreement. i never shared their opinion in the past and i still disagree with them now, despite having seen more than 10 cathedrals over the course of my travels in the united kingdom. each of them have the same basic structure, but the details and the history behind those details made each one different, unique, fascinating.

the most beautiful cathedral i visited during my trip has got to be the lincoln cathedral. it’s one of the largest in britain – 3rd only to st paul’s in london and the york minster – and it just took my breath away. its library was designed by sir christopher wren, an architect famous for rebuilding the churches of london after the fire of 1666, including st paul’s cathedral. it’s now most popularly known for acting as a “double” for westminster abbey in the (awful) movie, the da vinci code.

anyway, enough gushing. here’s lincoln cathedral, through my eyes. =)

one of my favourite photographs from the entire trip. this is the absolutely gorgeous nave in the lincoln cathedral. seriously. amazing.

the brown pvc leather bag that accompanied me through the uk. just loved how the light hit the bag at that moment, in that spot.

the university of lincoln had their graduation ceremony in the cathedral. i had my graduation in a lecture theatre on my main university campus. which used to be a shopping mall. *sulk*

statue of lord alfred tennyson, the poet laureate responsible for the words “’tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all”. i studied his poem “the lady of shalott” when i was a kid in hong kong.

i know i didn’t manage to get the more magnificent views of the cathedral, the ones that show how truly massive the place is, but i guess those images can be found all over the internet and on postcards. what i got was the opportunity to walk the cathedral grounds and appreciate the smaller details that make the place what it is. for that, i’m grateful.

i met up with my friend edwina after that. we hung out for awhile before heading to town for a rather late lunch. all the restaurants had closed for the afternoon and there was just one pub open. they had a rather extensive range of condiments:

should have warned us about the quality of the food. my cod was so-so…the chips were very good though!

perhaps one of the best things about my trip to lincoln was the fact that i got to eat wild blackberries by the handful!

these were picked from bushes in a field edwina and i had to walk through to get to tesco. i ate them as they were – cobwebs and all. yummeh.

it was a really good day!


6 responses to “lincoln cathedral

  1. Yes, Lincoln cathedral looks intricate and great.

    I like St Paul, London and it’s ‘whispering wall’.

  2. Having a graduation in a lecture theater isn’t too bad I reckon. At least it is on-campus and you have some memory of that place. I CANNOT understand some local unis who choose to hold their convocation ceremonies in blinking hotels! I think I would rather have a cramped crappy lecture theater!

  3. it was a problem for my university. they convocated 5 faculties at one go and because the lecture hall could only fit about 3oo-400 people, there had to be two sessions on the same day and each graduand could only bring 2 guests. before they came up with the 2 sessions solution, only medical graduates could be seated in the hall and other faculties had to be seated in another hall, watching a live feed. it will get worse once the newer faculties start producing graduates.

    with two graduation ceremonies every year, i’m pretty sure it’s miserable planning the logistics too. a larger space would prolly have been a better idea, even if it’s in a blinking hotel.

  4. And why do they need to combine so many faculties into one day? We used to spread ours out over a space of 1-2 weeks!

  5. i’m so with you on cathedrals. i can never get bored of cathedrals!

    of all the cathedrals’ i’ve been, lincoln cathedral is the most beautiful. not too big, intricately proportionate to its size. and hey – it houses the few rare copies of the magna carta!

    st paul’s is big, and yes princess diana was married there but boring. york is huge, great facade but yet not as intricate as lincoln.

    i think the other cathedral that can beat lincoln would be the 2nd largest cathedral in the world in seville – which also happens where christopher columbus was tomb lies. 😀

  6. Beautiful….

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