how (not) to catch a train

the morning i left lincoln was an eventful one. edwina was making her way back to nottingham so we decided to head to the railway station together. since we both had luggage, we opted for the bus eventhough the station was only about 15-20min walk away.

there we were at the bus stop, right on time, waiting for a bus that was supposed to drop us off at the station around 15 minutes before my train was due to arrive. we waited, and waited, but no bus came. just as we were beginning to panic, the bus turned the corner. when we got on, it was evident why it was late – the driver was a trainee getting used to the route.

from then on things got from bad to worse. as a new driver, he was not only unfamiliar with the route, he was also not that comfortable with a bus. he had trouble maneuvering the narrow streets of lincoln and almost missed a bus stop twice.

i kept looking at my watch nervously as edwina searched for a next possible train route for me to take. it wasn’t good news. if i missed the train to doncaster, i’d have to make 3 or 4 changes in order to get to edinburgh, which was my next destination. it would add over an hour to my already very long journey to scotland, an hour that i couldn’t afford.

in the end, a bus ride that was supposed to take 10 minutes lasted close to 20 instead. edwina and i ran to the railway station, usually a 5-minute walk from the stop, and i managed to reach the platform, breathless, just 2 minutes before the train pulled in.

yeah, a bit of excitement to get the blood pumping before my weekend in scotland, but it was definitely excitement that i didn’t need. in true lishun fashion i was extremely stressed on the bus, really downcast and miserable at the prospect of missing the train and having to take the next available route which would be so much more tiring and inconvenient – not the ideal way to end an otherwise wonderful trip.

so a piece of advice for anyone planning to holiday in lincoln – get a good pair of walking shoes and travel very light. it’s better to trust your feet than the buses in that pretty little town.


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