i love edinburgh

2 minutes after reaching the platform, i boarded the train to doncaster.

it was a 20-minute wait for the next train to edinburgh so i spent that time people-watching and munching on some of the delicious sweets i bought at the little sweet shop on steep hill, lincoln.

all my previous train rides did not have pre-assigned seats so i was rather puzzled by the little ticket stubs behind the seats on the train to edinburgh. in the end i realised i was sitting in a seat that was supposed to be occupied by a young woman and her 18-month-old son.

ended up changing seats twice because i couldn’t find any seats that were unreserved for the entire journey. missed out on a gorgeous view of the north sea coastline as a result. it was a shame because the weather was glorious and it was wonderfully sunny that day. i passed by the same coastline on my way south a few days later but it was raining. sad.

as usual, i checked in my bag at left luggage when i reached edinburgh waverly. i couldn’t see much of anything as the train arrived, so i had the shock of my life when i exited the station and saw mountains and rivers and gothic buildings, monuments and cobblestone paths and a huge topshop…all in one 360-degree glance around the city!

i was speechless at the beauty of the place! how can it be possible for a city to look like this?! it’s unbelievable! nothing can describe how happy i was to be there!

the scott monument was one of the first things i saw as i walked out of the station. i blogged a bit about it here when i was in edinburgh. princes street is like oxford street in london, i guess. blocks and blocks of shops. yeah, nothing interesting.

i didn’t take many photos that first day. my host, kahyee, took me around the city and i decided to just take in the sights and try to experience the city as much as possible without getting trapped behind my chapalang 6-year-old lens. we had a spot of tea and she showed me the main streets of edinburgh before we headed back to her flat, had a bit of a banter with her housemates and friends, and then dinner.

dinner was at a…i don’t know. should be italian i guess? the staff messed up our reservation a bit and we had our drinks on the house, thoroughly regretting just ordering simple cocktails. lol. my risotto was almost as thick as a pudding and while it was delicious, i just could not finish the whole thing.

there was a party welcoming some of the new imu twinning students to the university of edinburgh so i went with kahyee and met up with my batchmates, most of whom i haven’t seen since pre-clinicals 3 years ago.

it was just…nice. i mean, i loved edinburgh immediately. wish i studied there. but then again, i wouldn’t want to leave if i did. sigh.


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