one of many

i need to read more about what the “talent corporation” proposed by the government is really about, but here is what i know based on stories from friends and friends of friends and friends of friends of friends…

believe it or not, there are overseas-trained specialists who either want to come home or for some reason cannot remain overseas. they have skills that the malaysian population needs and there are loads of vacancies for them. so some of them may have a problem with the lack of facilities here, but there are also some who are willing to rough it out.

so they apply for work with the government and get told, occasionally in an arrogant manner, that their applications will be considered; just sit and wait. some get told that they have to spend 2 years as medical officers eventhough they’re already qualified specialists somewhere else. others wait…and wait…and wait…and don’t hear a word for months because their application probably disappeared into the bermuda triangle in the corridor.

in the meantime, our neighbours across the selat tebrau actively come onto malaysian soil to woo these specialists over, promising them state-of-the-art technology and research facilities, housing, good salaries and so on. they come with offer letters and leave with smiles.

what would a rational human being choose?

of course, things are probably not so simple. also, those stories i’ve heard may be exaggerated (although i’m beginning to doubt that more and more). whatever the case may be, we must be blind if we can’t even recognise someone that should be welcomed home with open arms and great incentives. if we are stuck behind standard operating procedures and tak apa attitudes, we will forever be here, in the status quo of discontent.

anyway, the rant ends here. for now. i forsee more reasons to rant as i enter the workforce.


3 responses to “one of many

  1. While most of the justifications are correct, I think the excuse they give about “lack of facilities/equipment” is ballocks.

    They are not engineers/researchers. They are bloody doctors! Didn’t all of them say in med-school interview that they want to be doctors so that they could “help” people?? Just because a bunch of people happen to be in a country “lacking facilities/equipment”, those people don’t deserve “help”???

  2. no one stays that altruistic forever. besides, in every profession people leave when they feel they cannot progress any further or improve on their craft, so why would it be any different for doctors? don’t forget that doctors do research as well. it’s pretty much mandatory in many countries and we need academicians in the medical field here too.

    but i should have clarified something – the lack of resources isn’t the main reason doctors choose not to return. i’m sure you have an idea as to what the primary factor really is.

    anyway, i personally feel whatever efforts made to bring specialists home will be futile simply because we are a long way from meeting the kind of expectations they have after working in developed nations for so long.

    it’s a better idea to change the way we treat doctors who show willingness to work here despite our shortcomings and make tangible improvements that will retain them as well as locally-trained doctors.

  3. Of course, we all know that the primary factor is $$$

    Which is why I am annoyed at their bullshit excuses. If it is about the money, then say so so we can all move on. If they keep giving stupid excuses, then the government is going to try to fix those stupid things, and they still aren’t gonna come back, then all that time and effort is lost when it could have been spent on better things.

    Let’s face it. Malaysia will never be able to pay better money than Singapore, UK or Australia. So let’s fix things we can and let the other things stay as they are.

    On this matter, Rajiv Ghandi once said, “Better a brain drain than a drain in the brain”. Let them go overseas first, one day they will come trickling in when they are ready.

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