the royal mile

i played the tourist during my second day in edinburgh so bear with me.

first stop was part of the university of edinburgh campus. i think this is some building where the students have their exams and graduation ceremonies but remains closed otherwise. apparently it’s quite majestic inside. kahyee informed me that she managed to sneak in with some friends some time ago, but unfortunately there weren’t any carelessly open doors for me to enter that day.

the hall where fresher’s week activities are mostly held. i was there on the weekend before term was due to begin. got myself a fresher’s week booklet and was amused to find out that each day ended with a pub crawl or party-till-3am event or both. take your pick. drink till you’re sick.

of course i went to edinburgh castle! i didn’t enter because there wasn’t really enough time, but i did have a look at the space between the outer and inner walls. unfortunately the stands for the edinburgh tattoo were still up so i couldn’t grab a glimpse of the city from the castle. ah wells.

we continued walking downwards along the royal mile. i stopped for a couple of kitschy souvenirs at one of the many pakistani-run-but-scottish-fronted shops that blared bagpipe music from every corner.

this is hume. he is a philosopher. for some reason, he almost always has a traffic cone on his head. apparently this is a very popular prank all over the united kingdom. even the tennyson statue at lincoln hasn’t been spared.

st giles cathedral is one of the prominent landmarks along the royal mile. hume and adam smith prolly spend hours discussing philosophy there, considering their statues are right opposite each other. and if you’re wondering why the name adam smith sounds familiar, that’s because he’s buried somewhere in the deepest recesses of your mind where you store everything you learnt in form 4 sejarah dunia. yes, he wrote “the wealth of nations”. economists everywhere rejoice!

…and we continue our walk along the royal mile in the next post…


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