numero dos

my hard disk died. it’s the second time in 4 months, after 5 relatively trouble-free years, so i guess these are symptoms of old age.

while waiting for the guy at the computer store to give me the diagnosis and treatment plan, i noticed several similarities between him and the other guy in batu pahat who formatted my hard disk 4 months ago. they were both young – prolly late 20s/early 30s – and a little overweight. they had greasy hair and long fingernails, they wore ill-fitting jeans and polo tees. and, get this, they both had colleagues that were tall, lanky and dressed in black.

talk about fitting a stereotype.

anyway, i need a new hard disk or else it’s gonna fail again in another 4 months. considering i am still growing grapes (menganggur), getting a new laptop isn’t gonna be an option. ah well. we all learn to deal.


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