more royal mile

better carry on with my eurotrip posts or else i won’t be done by the time i start work…heh.

the royal mile is so named because it leads from one royal residence to another – edinburgh castle at the top of castle rock, and the palace of holyroodhouse right at the bottom of the slope. it’s one scottish mile long, which is kononnya longer than an english mile.

i stopped by a cemetery along the royal mile. there were a couple of prominent people buried there, most notably adam smith. his tombstone wasn’t very impressive. the view from the other side, however, was beautiful. the dead looked out to carlton hill (or is that the mound? i forget).

some of the shops located along the royal mile. aren’t they exquisite? sigh.

the tollbooth tavern. it used to be one of the towers of a prison. what i like most about the royal mile is the history associated with the place. behind the stone walls of the shops along the mile are countless closes that lead to people’s homes or pretty courtyards with magnificent views. it’s ridiculous that such beautiful places could exist within a bustling city crawling with tourists but i guess that’s what edinburgh is.

this is the palace of holyroodhouse, right at the end of the royal mile. it’s the official residence of whoever’s ruling great britain whenever he or she visits scotland. just after i left scotland, the pope came to visit and he stayed the night at the palace. obviously the queen and her entourage were there as well.

the scottish parliament building is, to put it mildly, strange-looking. what’s magnificent is the salisbury crags located right in front of the building. it gives the place a rather majestic look, softening the eyesore that is the parliament.

next up: my first taste of haggis. heh.


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