last look at edinburgh

i have decided i want to have my wedding photos taken in edinburgh.

yup, that’s the scott monument. i think this is the north/south bridge. the triangular roofs at the bottom cover the edinburgh waverly railway station.

calton hill is this small bit of elevation near the city and it’s a unfit (wo)man’s alternative to taking the hour-long walk up the crags or the slightly longer hike up arthur’s seat.

the roman ruins on top of calton hill. i love this picture because the ruins don’t look old…they look like they were constructed yesterday. haha. i initially was rather annoyed at the people in the photo but i guess they give some perspective as to how big the ruins were.

the crags, with arthur’s seat in the background. this is all wikipedia information, but the name arthur’s seat is probably english-fied from a couple of proposed gaelic names. at first i thought it was called arthur’s cede, something to do with king arthur surrendering or whatever, but nope.

the river in the background is the firth of forth, or the estuary of the river forth. yeah, it’s a mouthful to pronounce. i wish went to have a look at the docks at leith, a town along the river, but i’ve been told it’s a rather dodgy area. plus i didn’t really have time so…it’s another reason to revisit edinburgh. =)

we went back to the city to do a little more sightseeing. it was my last day in edinburgh after all.

the compulsory tourist postcard photo. note the large bag of souvenirs. it was all fudge and a tiny plastic bottle of whiskey.

some jokers put the word “pubic” in between “the” and “mound” on the sign a while back. lol.

there was a postcard in the museum shop that had robert burns’ “address to a haggis” on it. unfortunately the shop was closed and cash register had been locked so i couldn’t buy it. would have been a hilarious souvenir!

sums up my sentiments towards edinburgh most accurately.

when i told my friend, who’s been in the city for 3 years, she said, “you weren’t here last winter.” lol.

so ends my 2-day frolic in edinburgh. i reluctantly left for glasgow the next day.



3 responses to “last look at edinburgh

  1. Why have your wedding photos taken in Edinburgh, when it is easier (and cheaper) to have them photo shopped to look like they were taken in Edinburgh?

  2. gives me a reason to go back there. such a lovely place! unfortunately that means snagging myself a rich husband, or someone with rich parents. heh. not gonna happen.

  3. Well, now…on a light note…George Bernard Shaw did say, there are two tragedies in life – when one does not get what one wants, and the other is when one gets what one wants…

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