too lazy to edit

just a thought:

i would be alot less stressed about starting work if i knew my placement a week before induction so i can make arrangements for accommodation and other administrative matters.

instead, i only got my placement during induction, immediately after which i have to report for work. it’d be fine if i were working near home, but i’m moving to another state. it’s close to impossible to make things work when the program for induction starts at 830am every morning and ends around 10pm.

and now i find myself with nowhere permanent to live, 3 days away from beginning my life as a doctor. i will be working 7 days a week with an average of 2 days of leave a month…hardly any time at all to look at houses, sign contracts and move.

obviously i have to suck it up since there’s no way for me to change my situation now, but surely things can be better for future batches of housemen to come? who do i write to regarding these matters?

anyway, i’m quite psyched about starting work. have decided not to think too much about the future and concentrate on honing my skills as a doctor at least for the next one year. the time for worrying about exams and pension schemes will come. in the meantime, i’ll just have to be a house officer and do whatever a house officer needs to do.

one thing at a time. one step at a time. one breath at a time. sigh.


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