my colleagues and i walked into the administration office, met the human resources staff in charge of house officers and were immediately told that they weren’t expecting any housemen.

totally reminds me of jpa not bothering if i reported in late or not.

so maybe it’s not the hospital’s fault – we did, after all, arrive after a long weekend after having received our postings only a week ago – but seriously. seriously. it’s like showing up at work and being told by your bosses that they didn’t know they hired you.

funny how we get told from day one of med school that communication is of the utmost importance while our own employers do not demonstrate such skills.

having said that, ipoh is a great place. i am still overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers. so far i’ve been driven around town by my uncle’s friends, my friend’s friend’s friend, and someone whom i met through a blog comment. the “atas” people i’ve met so far were nothing short of friendly and the clinical staff all had very good things to say about my lecturers.

looking for a place to stay has been a challenge, but i guess it’s my fault. part of the problem was moving up here with an entourage from kl; an entourage that cared about me very much…maybe too much. also, looking for a place with 2 other people meant 3 different opinions, 3 different expectations. and if you know me…i get rather possessive with my expectations. heh.

work starts proper on thursday. then i’ll have completely no life for 2 weeks. that’s something to look forward to.


One response to “ipohhhh

  1. People not expecting you when you report for duty?

    That’s EXACTLY what happened to me. This is typical of government type organisations. Hang in there, grit your teeth, and bear in mind that when you do ONE DAY get into a position of power, make sure that that NEVER EVER happens again.

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