another day

yasmin ahmad’s “sepet” was set in ipoh. it painted the town as a pretty place where everyone lives in perfect harmony.

while it’s true that ipoh is rather beautiful – parks scattered here and there, sporadic old towns, fountains on their gazillion roundabouts – it’s also true that the town is rife with racism.

house owners hike up the price of their property or only rent to people of the yellow variety because “those kelings that rented the house before stole electricity from the neighbours” or “the malay nurses who lived here last year left the house in total disarray”. then there’s the look of horror from some residents when i told them about a house i was interested in because “that area has alot of indians…not so nice”.

while i am disappointed that people here have displayed such blatant racism, i am even sadder that there are people who give others of their own ethnicity a bad name and give racist people more reasons to be so prejudiced.

anyway, i’m too sleepy to be able to string a comprehensible sentence together, much less edit this blogpost. all i did was listen to lectures all day but i feel more tired than i think i would be if i were actually doing something.

one more day before it all begins.


2 responses to “another day

  1. Reading your last few entries reminds me of the time I first moved to this Hicktown and joined a GLC.

    I thought I knew my country and it’s people, but moving here only served to open my eyes. It seems you are going through the exact same process, the same culture shocks as I did. Keep your eyes open, keep your mind open, and you’ll realise there’s a lot that us urbanites take for granted.

    (yes, some Ipoh people would be cheesed that I am calling it a ‘small’ town, the same way my Hicktown isn’t really that ‘hick’ to be fair, but hey, I’m from Klang Valley, the next nearest big city is Singapore)

  2. not really a culture shock…more like a sober realisation that things are the same everywhere.

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