those moments

there are many things i want to write about my first couple of days as a house officer. there’s the fact that it’s a lot tougher than medical school, especially when the reality of “oh my gawd i am actually being trained to go out to the districts” hits. there’s also the difference between being a medical student who is “part of the team” and being a doctor who is actually in the bloody team.

but my mind keeps going back to the group of student nurses who covered up an elderly patient’s nether regions as they changed his dressings, and my fellow house officer who quietly reached over to close a patient’s eyes when he died after a failed resuscitation. then there’s also the houseman who successfully convinced a patient to consider curative surgery by striking a deal with him that he will come back to the hospital if traditional medications haven’t worked after a month.

so yeah…i have sore feet. i just had a dose of DK-ism during a really busy night. i need to be at work at 7 every day. but it’s worth it for those moments of humanity that prove the altruism that drew us to a life of medicine isn’t just naive optimism.

anyway, it’s close to midnight. i am going to bed.


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