whatever la

here’s the bottom line:

medicine isn’t very different from any other profession.

there are hardworking doctors and there are lazy ones.

there are doctors who insist on completing all pending tasks during their calls and others who would happily leave things unfinished till the morning, when it’s no longer their problem.

there are doctors who take 2- or 3-hour lunch breaks and those who don’t eat at all.

and all these doctors coexist while people continue to be ill, ill enough to require hospitalisation, sick enough to require resuscitation/surgery/urgent imaging, unwell enough to have loads and loads of loose ends to tie up before they can go home.

so there is always work to be done in the hospital, whether everyone pulls their weight or not. it’s the same whether you work in a law firm, bank, consultancy firm, design office. the workload is consistent…it’s only the people who are not.

it would have been okay if the reports were about the oversupply of house officers, because that’s a fact. we wouldn’t have been so upset if the complaints were about us being of worse quality than the way current specialists were as junior doctors, because it’s true.

but all you have to do is ask a house officer in an obgyn department and he/she will tell you that there is no such thing as “so little work”.

anyway, the ship has sailed and we’ve all moved on. my respect for the star has further deteriorated. i’m just gonna go ahead and make the most of my time as a house officer. whatever.


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