pre-call materialism

it’s probably too late for a christmas wishlist – it is, after all, less than 7 days till christmas – but it’s never too late for a blog post about a wishlist that doesn’t necessarily have to be fulfilled by christmas day. there’s always my birthday and no-special-occasion days and whatnot, no? =P actually this is more like a “cheer-myself-up-by-listing-things-i-want-because-i-am-on-call-tomorrow” post than anything else…so yeah. syok sendiri.

lishun’s (not just limited to christmas) wishlist

1. a pair of nice-looking, suitable for work croclite shoes.

yeah, i want a pair of crocs, years after first ridiculing them. should have anticipated that the folks there aren’t stupid and would eventually go towards a more stylish direction, away from the hole-y uglies of their initial designs.

now that i’m working a job that requires me to be on my feet pretty much the whole day, it only makes sense to get some shoes that don’t deform my toes and make me scream with each step. so yeah. i want a pair of crocs. a nice pair.

2. big blue/peach/white/brown rug for my room

my room in ipoh is pretty nice, except for two things: the blank white walls and the untiled concrete floor.

i’m gonna take a while to decide what to do with the white wall since i no longer have the time to painstakingly cut black sugar paper into wall decals (like i did in seremban), so it’s prolly wise to tackle the slate grey concrete floor first. the best solution would be to chuck a rug over it, like in the picture above.

3. a canon compact digital camera

my panasonic lumix has served me well over 5 years. i’ve never really felt the need for a “better” camera (except the couple of months i served in the church photography ministry and borrowed my friends’ dslrs *drool*) but now that the dial is loose and i feel the limits of a not-very-good-wide-angle lens, it’s about time to get a new compact.

people have often told me that canon produces good compact digital cameras and while i know i should probably do a bit more research before settling on a particular brand and model, i think i’d want one that promises to…err…”delight me always“. right.

4. ipod nano 6th generation

because let’s face it: apple makes good digital music players. and the new ipod nano is kick ass. it’s about time i jumped on the bandwagon anyway. will probably own an iphone 5 in 2012 if the world doesn’t end by then.

5. stuff from my regular online haunts

wong fu productions make cute nice girl t-shirts. secrets from strangers who have both loves and hurts. chickens who hitchhike and a david who sings. these are a few of my favourite things.

…oh and a huge turnout of brave, informed voters during the next general election. =)

merry christmas, everyone!


2 responses to “pre-call materialism

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  2. For compact, try to keep to Panasonic with the Leica lens. If you want another brand, try Sony compacts which have the Carl Zeiss lens, which is brilliant.

    If you want to be seriously into it, a DSLR is within reach now; some compacts cost almost the same as entry level DSLR. Try an out of season DSLR, like the Sony A290 or A 390. Depending on your luck on the shop you go to, I have found the lowest priced at RM1,299 – yes, unbelievable but true.

    To start out, one does not really need the latest DSLR with all the bells and whistles, at RM2,000+.

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