can i rant? oh wait, why am i asking permission? this is my blog. i can do whatever i damn want with it. so i’m gonna rant.

i’m gonna rant because friday is a public holiday. why is it a public holiday? because malaysia won the suzuki cup, beating indonesia 4-2 on aggregate. the prime minister (rightly) thought it was a significant achievement and declared friday a public holiday.

so yeah i’m glad he recognises that our boys have done well this year. it’s about time for the revival of malaysian football. and sure, it’s nice to have new year’s eve off so we can all go for countdowns early and whatever.

but i am damn pissed off because i took leave for friday. i decided to use one day out of my precious 2 days off a month so i can get some banking, some post-office-ing, some stuff which cannot be done on weekends or public holidays done. and now I CAN’T DO A BLOODY THING.

if i were in any other profession, the solution would be to simply change my leave to monday. but this isn’t any other profession, ok? i don’t get that many days off. for friday to be a public holiday and hence a half-day at work, it means i have officially burned one day of leave. i could have just taken the weekend and monday off and it wouldn’t have changed a thing. AARGH!!!

so now i’m miserable. i think i will cry my already swollen eyes out to sleep. it’s been a couple of stressful days and this last bit of disappointment has done me in. gonna feel stupid about it tomorrow and then come down hard on myself again for being immature and a complete idiot. whatever la.

congratulations, boys. keep it up. just don’t invoke another public holiday on my leave day okay? =(


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