what i love most about ipoh is that the standard of hawker food here is darn good. you can hop into a random coffee shop downtown, choose any stall selling trademark ipoh fare (chee cheong fun, chicken rice, kai see hor fun, curry mee, dim sum) and it’s pretty much guaranteed to satisfy.

that would never happen in the klang valley. there is no way i would simply go to some shop and eat from some stall back home. curry mee will always have to be from ho weng kee. dim sum from that place in damansara jaya. chicken rice from my sister’s classmate’s parents’ stall in paramount. any other place would completely suck.

what do i hate most about ipoh? the irritating men who stand along shop lots directing cars to parking spaces located near the tourist spots – taugeh chicken restaurants, the famous soya bean/tau fu fah stall (70sen for a bowl of heaven omg), yee thye confectionery, nam heong aka birthplace of old town coffee.

they don’t own the parking spaces. those lots are the property of the state of perak. taxpayers pay for those spots. and yet these irritating men in hole-y polo tees stand there, point out empty lots for unsuspecting drivers (usually from kl), then charge them anywhere between 2 to 5 ringgit for parking there.


anyway, i had a pretty good week at work. was out of the wards for almost the entire week because i had to cover for several colleagues. it’s alright. i got to incise and drain a humongous abscess on the face of a 3-year-old (how she dealt with the pain for so long is anyone’s guess!) and i have tomorrow and monday off. kinda wish i didn’t buy train tickets home because some of my colleagues decided to head up to cameron highlands today, but oh well. gonna do some shopping and visit my grandmother, probably belanja my parents for the first time in my life. haha.

growing up is…inevitable.


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