take that take two

i want to declare my love for take that. both this version:

and this one:

to be honest, i love their music even more now. the first two reunion albums were so reminiscent of the old take that probably because gary had the most say in the direction and sound of the record, like how it used to be. and i thought that was good enough.

until robbie came back.

i became a robbie williams fan after i finished crying over the band’s breakup. he had a lovely songwriting partnership with guy chambers at first and i enjoyed his lyrics immensely. the partnership ended around the time i became obsessed with john mayer and i paid little or no attention to robbie’s last 3 albums.

while it was surreal when jason, howard, gary and mark got back together as take that 5 years ago, it is even more surreal now that robbie’s decided to bury the hatchet and join them too. and the new record, with his flavour injected into the music, is…really really great! there’s no doubt that it sounds like him, only better. it’s better. it just simply is better.

and the band is better with him.

i spent the last couple of days listening to take that, watching the concerts from their last 4 tours. it’s incredible how these old fogeys hitting 40 are still able to put on a great show, comparable to their great berlin concert in the 90s. wow.

anyway, they helped me heal over the bad day i had. sometimes you’ve just gotta take time out to go back to the tried and true sources of happiness in your life. for me it’s good music associated with good memories, and a hope knowing that it’s possible for old grudges to be forgotten in time, with maturity, with forgiveness.

i’m only 25. there’s alot of life to live. i just need to learn the lesson and move on. sigh.


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