i sat with my mother as she ironed a couple of my father’s shirts last night. she brought me up to date with news about the family, things i’ve missed while i was “busy saving lives”. just listening to her talk made me realise just how much i miss her, how much i miss even my father, whom i’m hardly close to.

it’s sobering to accept that your parents are only ordinary people, but i find that it’s the best part of growing up.

it’s nice to be home.


3 responses to “sobering

  1. vanessa (pharm, imu)

    hey happy new yr. this is just a random comment to say that i’m glad yr blog is still going, all through med school, clinical, and with the advent of work. it’s my easy reading, which is in no way derogatory!! what i mean is, it’s reliably updated, it’s wonderfully relatable, honest-down-to-earth-not-annoyingly-angsty, and entertaining, and real. so yeah, hope u have a worthwhile year, with lots of meaning if not comfort (the one thing with working is that after a while the ennui is so mind-numbing and i wonder where i’m heading in this life). and thank you, for fighting the good fight and writing about it.

  2. too bad wordpress doesn’t have a “like” function. hehe. =)

  3. “it’s sobering to accept that your parents are only ordinary people,..”

    If I may enquire…how do you mean by ‘sobering’, and ‘ordinary people’?

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