do you have the time
to listen to me whine
about nothing and everything all at once?

you know why i keep this blog? it’s because every time i feel compelled to rant about something or say something completely stupid and irrelevant and is totally demeaning to my “doctor” status, i can’t think of anyone who would be the least bit ¬†interested. so instead of boring someone to death, i decided to bore everyone to death by making this blog public.

if you’ve come here looking for a nice anecdote about saving a person’s life or the same old no-doctors-do-not-look-like-mcdreamy sorta thing then congratulations! you’ve just learnt that i am not that interesting at all! yay!

i had a pretty crap day. it really just shouldn’t have happened. maybe things wouldn’t have turned out like this if i didn’t take a colleague’s call yesterday. it could have been an excellent day. instead i just messed up alot and almost lost my temper twice, then immediately drowned in guilt, regret and just plain unhappiness.

that’s why i’m going out for cake tonight. i dunno. it just wasn’t a good day.


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