an idol tradition

i’m prolly not gonna be following american idol quite as closely as i used to because i will be in the medical department pretty soon, but tradition is tradition and after catching up on the extended auditions this season, i just have to say something about the contestants this time around.

i know people thought the show would fall apart without simon or kara, but in the end it’s about the contestants. last year sucked because the contestants were of such poor quality that crystal bowersox should have been declared the winner right from the start just so she’d be forced to produce a record immediately instead of waiting around (like she’s doing now) while lee dewyze falls flat on the airwaves.

this season, the top 24 is pretty strong. all the guys are better than lee dewyze. all of them. even the weird out-of-place paul mcdonald who, i think, only joined the competition to give his band, the grand magnolias, a popularity boost (that they deserve…sorta).

in fact, if you google all the top 24 contestants, most of them would already be signed to some indie label or were minor youtube/myspace celebrities before their stint on american idol. it reflects how the competition has evolved over the last 10 years – from digging out raw, unexplored talent (kelly clarkson, clay aiken, carrie underwood) to simply increasing the popularity of already sorta well-known-in-certain-circles singers.

anyway, i have 4 favourites. no one probably cares but this is my blog and i’ll write whatever i want to so…yeah.

tim halperin

i only took notice of him after he sang the beatles’ “something” with julie zorrilla during the (highly unnecessary) las vegas audition. as it turns out, he’s got an official music video out on youtube. like i said, times have changed. anyway speaking of julie…

julie zorrilla

it’s a little creepy how much she looks like lea michele and speaks like rachel berry. thankfully, she doesn’t sound like lea michele. julie’s also had an album out a couple of years ago so she isn’t exactly undiscovered talent, but she does have a sweet brand of pop and i think she’ll go preeeety far.

brett loewenstern

3 words: best. audition. EVAR. did you hear that “carry on, carry on”? wow.

thia megia

i always end up rooting for the small cute girl every season. anyway, i kind of regret my support for thia after finding out that she made it to the quarterfinals of america’s got talent, but i guess talent is talent and if she can keep singing like this every week, she’s got a decent shot at the title. and yes i know she’s a photocopy of charice. whatever, okay?

that’s all la. i wonder if all 4 will make it to the top 12. or 13. or whatever the producers are planning to pull off this season.


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