4 months to go

is it going to be like this every 4 months? a night of nervy digestive and genitourinary systems going into overdrive, termination of sleep and a dry mouth that completes the sympathetic cycle?

i start my voyage into very ill people today, after a good run in a department where most people go home albeit after some sort of invasive procedure is done to them. 4 months of normal hearts and lungs and now i’ll have to pick up fine and coarse sounds, read electrical signals that are supposed to reveal entire chapters of a person’s cardiac life and ask scary radiologists to report chest radiographs that show more than just fluid, or blood or “something funny”.

anyway, i’m trying to keep up a positive attitude. after all, i did go through medical school thinking that i would eventually foray into a medical specialty and be a gregory house of sorts, getting my adrenaline rush from reaching a diagnosis instead of touching internal organs and draining gross things.

right now, an hour before i am due to report to the head of department, i am trying to block out whatever i’ve heard about the posting and just go in with a smile on my face, expecting nothing but a good learning experience that will hopefully prepare me for my stint in the emergency department in july.

if only my innards would be just as positive. need to run to the loo again. gah.


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