the impossible

of everything said in this weekend’s much-needed healthcare christian fellowship retreat, one statement stuck with me – i need to see my colleagues through the eyes of Jesus.

there’s just one problem: i hate some of my nurses. no, it’s not too strong a word. like i’ve said before, i come home angry and frustrated each day because of them. i hate my job because of them. i think experience doesn’t demand respect. respect is earned in many ways and most of them do not deserve mine.

no, it’s impossible for me to love them, forgive them, or wish them well. it’s too much to ask of me.

so imagine my relief to know that i don’t have to do it on my own strength…that i can rely on God. all i need to do is ask.

i’m tired of being upset every day. i like being a doctor, far more than being a medical student, because i am responsible for my patients, whom i care about very much. it’s time to recognise that the complete utter dislike i have for my nurses can hurt my patients the way their complete utter disregard for their job already does.

the only option is to do the impossible…that is possible with God. i need this.


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