oh hello

i have a confession to make: work has made me lazy.

too lazy to read. too lazy to write.

it takes effort for me to blog. as a perfectionist, i demand good grammar and at least some kinda substance in the content of this blog. there’s only so many deaths i can write about and it’s inappropriate to express some of the thoughts i have about my workplace and colleagues and superiors.

and while i don’t think i have that many readers to please in the first place, i guess i want to write something that people would enjoy reading, that would be more than a mindless rant. or a shallow commentary on life. growing older.

but i’m listening to less music and reading fewer books, blogs, things, so…yeah.


2 responses to “oh hello

  1. Why do you think I hardly ever write these days?

    I have precious little time at night these days, and I would rather spend it reading/watching my DVDs/studying for professional exams….

    I actually have come to the conclusion that blogging is only for kids in uni.

  2. i’m not even reading. that’s the worst part.

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