till next month

one of the many things i’ve learned since starting work 7 months ago (good gawd has it been that long???) is that if you want to complain, there will always be something to complain about.

never a day goes by that i don’t have something to bitch about to a coworker or housemate or family member. if it’s not about the nature of my work, it’s about the people i work with, on top of the regular things that get on my nerves – my flailing spiritual life, the friendships of convenience i seem to have with my peers overseas, my perpetual singledom, the guilt whenever i think about my family.

today i had a late lunch because i stayed back at work a little longer to tie up some loose ends. i bumped into my soon-to-be-ex housemate and the first words that came out of my mouth after the usual “heywhatacoincidence” were “i’m gonna kill so-and-so.” we then proceeded to pour our frustrations about colleagues who don’t pull their weight, have bad work ethic, who deserve to get in trouble, yada yada.

and i became annoyed with myself.

anyway it’s generally been an annoying week. i returned to my ward of horrors after spending a day in what felt like paradise but was in reality just the ward next door. i returned and found that things have gone from bad to worse and that i’m now the most senior one there. me, someone who still can’t remember if intravenous augmentin is given twice daily or three times a day. disgraceful. and yet i’m expected to guide my more junior colleagues. it’s ridiculous.

but i guess if one of the things i’ve often complained about is the lack of apprenticeship in the profession these days, it’s only fitting that i put it into practice myself and offer whatever limited knowledge i have to whoever asks.

complaining…it bites you in the arse sooner or later. see you next month (at the rate things are going here in this).


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