just because

a couple of days ago, my colleague told me about her wedding preparations – about the photo shoots, the dresses, the food, and the fact that her fiance wants their wedding videos shot in the best format available. she told me about the no-expenses-spared way in which they were dealing with the event and at the time i thought, “oh well, a wedding should be a once-in-a-lifetime thing anyway, so why not?”

when i told my mother about this, she responded by saying, “just what isn’t a once-in-a-lifetime event? birthdays happen every year, but you never turn the same age twice.”

she was, of course, implying that the act of going all out for a wedding or a milestone birthday is impractical and irrational. it’s something my peers and i are especially guilty of; we, the mtv, E! news, etsy do-it-yourself journalistic wedding photography generation.

but i didn’t take her statement that way. my stand on extravagance is that if it’s within your means, then by all means! no, i interpreted what she said as that every day is as special as you make it to be. not in a corny “today is a gift, that’s why we call it the present” kind of way, but in that going all out doesn’t have to be something saved for a wedding or birthday or graduation.

it’s spreading your extravagance out. calling a friend long distance when you feel like something may be wrong. getting that red velvet cupcake from that bakery down the road. reading a couple of your favourite bible verses. making crafts when you get home from work. buying your colleagues dinner to cheer up a bad call. going to bed early just because you can…not because it’s a bad day, or that you were suddenly reminded about how lonely you sometimes feel. coming home for a short weekend so your niece won’t forget your face…

something tells me this isn’t a blog post about things and people in general anymore.

it’s been a good couple of days of not accomplishing anything in particular. i played driver to my mother (who for some reason simply refuses to drive my beautiful 11-year-old camry), babysitter to my niece and closet alcoholic surgeon-wannabe to my secondary school friends, all of whom i miss very much. not because i miss school – i will NEVER miss secondary school because i am disgusted by how juvenile i used to be – but because they knew me at a time when i was alot less guarded.

one blog post a month. it truly shows who i am these days.


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