lack of pride

i complain alot. i mean…i blog, i tweet, i update my facebook status whenever i feel compelled to and if you ask for an opinion i usually have one. so yeah, i guess i complain alot.

since joining the gomen service, i prolly complain even more. the first time i went home during my stint in the medical department, i ranted and raved about the insolent imbeciles masquerading as nurses in the ward i was unfortunately assigned to. my mother, the wonderful woman she is, quickly pointed out that while my sentiments are based on the incompetence of the people i work with, i only have myself to blame for the anger and frustration i feel.

while i find wisdom in her words – after all i can only change myself – a part of me remains dissatisfied with the way the public service works.

recently, one of my lecturers blogged about the “trying experience” of marking written assignments from his students:

” Now, there are some students who cannot string a simple sentence in grammatically correct English. I blame the inconsistent education policy in this country for the erosion and deterioration of the English language. I also blame the students for their lack of initiative to improve themselves and their apathy towards striving to write a good piece of work. I mean, how difficult is it to correct most of the mistakes in a document when the WORD program itself highlights every single spelling and grammatical mistake with red and green wavy lines and even suggests the remedy with merely a right-click on the mouse?

Simply put, the students don’t care about the quality of the work they hand up. There is no pride in work well done.”

to me, that sums up the problem with…everything. unorganised clinics with missing HPE reports, laboratory results. poorly written discharge summaries that omit important bits of information that may help in continuing a patient’s management. empty branula/needle/syringe wrappers strewn on patients’ beds. emergency trolleys that aren’t fully equipped; once, i wasted precious time looking for an oropharyngeal airway that just wasn’t there.

and all this stems from a complete lack of pride in the work we do.

just yesterday 4 patients were left unreviewed because the periphery cases were not passed over correctly. 4 patients, neglected till the late morning, because the person who knew about them failed to tell anyone about their existence. blame it on the fact that we change wards every fortnight. say it’s because we don’t all check in for work at 630am sharp. it still comes down to bothering to do your work to the best of your ability, properly, for the benefit of your patient.

there’s still room for forgiveness if you inadvertently cause a morbidity or mortality, but not giving a damn in your everyday work is akin to committing murder daily.


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