last week, something happened for the first time. i went to a gig and the guy at the next seat started talking to me. he was kinda cute and rather witty, so when he asked for my number at the end of the night, i gave it to him. it was mostly out of shock because, you know, no one had ever done that, but i mean…yeah.

i didn’t expect him to call or text and true to my non-expectations, he hasn’t. it’s been a week and i haven’t heard from him. but it was just…nice, i guess? to know that all is not lost?

just the other day, a colleague did a second take and said i looked different…in a good way. it was a compliment i didn’t expect and i would have blushed if the blood vessels on my face had the ability to dilate.

it was then that i thought to myself…maybe i’m finally doing something right. =)

anyway, sorry for the bimbotic blog post. i’m still finding it hard to like paediatrics and i’ve caught the bug that everyone gets when dealing with sick children. for some reason the pests that infect kids attack adults with a vengeance, like a punishment for growing older or something.

so now i sound like i belong to the chorus of frogs outside my window, which would be useful if i were attracted to amphibians and not to guys who go to gigs with nice music. heh.

back to work tomorrow!


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