maybe you haven’t been reading this blog long enough, but i’m a romantic masquerading as a realist. as much as i hope for life to be a series of wonderful coincidences with recurring guest stars and a soulmate who has no other purpose in life than to share a happy life with me, i know it’ll never be that serendipitous (i blame john cusack for popularising this word).

for a start, i don’t buy the “there’s one person made specially for me” crap.

cinderella could have been happy if she eloped with james, the blacksmith’s son, who would eventually own a successful horseshoe business. prince charming could have saved himself the trouble of a nationwide foot model search if he noticed how beautiful elizabeth, from the pottery class his mother forced him to take, looks when she laughs at his jokes.

call it bad timing or pickiness or whatever. james and elizabeth would have given cindy and charming their respective happy endings. they were, after all, right for them. their lives would have been less complicated, even boring, but it always takes a little effort to keep life exciting.

anyway, i’m still young but i can empathise with elizabeth. i’ve met enough prince charmings – whom i know by their very regular real names – to get it drilled into my head that they want only cinderella who, invariably, will be a prettier/cooler/thinner version of me. or someone who got there first while i was doing something else…like pursuing pre-u studies in a foreign country, selling my soul to medicine or being extremely shy. i dunno.

yes, i feel for elizabeth. especially when every incarnation of cinderella is ridiculously likeable, so much so that jealousy doesn’t even have space to lift its head, much less rear it.

i mean where is her happy ending? doesn’t she deserve one too?


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