…and suddenly i am jolted by the realisation that while i’m sitting here, typing my thoughts on my 7-year-old laptop, someone is making tea in a little town in england, preparing for a 90-minute commute to a job he took because it pays better on weekends. someone in the pacific is turning off her lights, ready to go to sleep. a child is dreaming of flying the model airplane he built the day before in an american suburb.

life for others goes on regardless of my awareness of their existence. the people i love are watching television in my home 200km away. my friends are napping, working, cooking, just waking up, depending on where they are. the boys i’ve once wanted in my life are not thinking about me. the patients i will see later tonight are in various stages of agony, impatient for avoidable surgeries, hungry for analgesics.

a slice through time now, a look at this very second, and i am insignificant.

i’ve never felt more anonymous than i do at this moment.


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