there should be a category on this blog called “lishun repents for losing her temper”. of all the traits my father possesses, i had to inherit impatience and a temper instead of diligence and selflessness. of all my mother’s traits, i had to miss out on the ability to keep my mouth shut.

i don’t know what to do. i should have turned on my heel and walked away the moment i saw him approaching. i knew i would lose it. i felt tears of frustration welling up in me even when i was clerking the very last patient and my mind searched the days of the calendar hoping to blame it on something hormonal and out of my control. but i knew i had a choice. i made the wrong one.


i’m in no mood to paint my face and put on a frock i’ve only worn one other time before and speak to people. at least there’s food.


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