looking for a moment

when i was 16, i visited frim with the girl guides. after a short trek into the forest reserve, the guide stopped us at what he called “the ‘wow’ spot”. to answer the unspoken question on our minds, he asked us to look up. i was greeted with the sight of an intricate lace of leaves from hundreds of trees, branches barely touching each other, sunlight streaming in. it was spectacular and we gave a collective “wow” as the guide smiled on.

the most recent “wow” moment i’ve had was during my graduation trip to the UK. i walked into the british museum and gasped at the sight of the round room, the glass ceiling, the sunset beams falling onto the pristine white walls. it was indescribable. i choked. i had tears welling in my eyes. i don’t know why i was moved, but it was just so beautiful.

the problem with the abundance of travel blogs and tumblrs and instagram is that i am bombarded with lovely images of people and places all over the world, each one with the potential to elicit a “wow” from my lips, my heart. and in these times when work really sucks and i feel horribly lonely and nothing meaningful is happening in my life, i am a junkie searching for a “wow”, a moment that can steal my breath away. something amazing, unexpected. a happy surprise.

anything that can make me smile without warning. i really need to get out of here and never come back.


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