out loud

“you think too much”

the only reason this blog exists is because i think too much and only say what i think when i’m asked. i prefer to ruminate things on my own, replay conversations in my head, come up with witty responses a couple of hours too late and store those thoughts in a corner of my mind until something teases them out into the spotlight once more.

writing these entries takes alot of effort and brain juice. it took a good 5 days to piece my last post together. i deleted two anecdotes and changed the structure a couple of times. i put a little more variety to the vocabulary and, at the very last moment, included a quote from the play that i had only just recalled. there are multiple revisions to each blog post and i have countless drafts that don’t make the cut. i know every bit of writing here still looks like the diary of a twenty-something doctor and not a carefully worded article but trust me, i go through great pains for them.

it’s nice to know there are sites like thought catalog that market blog entries as publishable work, but i will never be pompous enough to think i am anywhere near publish-ready. the reality is that writing – and its necessary partner, lots and lots of reading – has taken the backseat and medicine is now at the wheel. it’s a choice i made and i have to bear the consequences. i’m just not talented enough to excel effortlessly at either one, much less both.

anyway yes, i do think too much and i’m grateful that blogging has become much easier these days. there was a period of time when i had a homepage and each entry was an exercise in html. i think i spent more time working on codes than expressing my thoughts. to be fair, i probably thought alot less then than i do now. =)

to whoever reads these ramblings – thank you. as a narcissist, i am absolutely flattered that you think me worthy of your time. to those of you who think i’m rubbish – move along now. maybe you’d actually like thought catalog. whatever floats your boat.

me? i’m gonna continue thinking too much for my own good.


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