first week

every houseman on the brink of completing 2 years of slave-dom should give serious thought to his or her career. what do you want to do every day? what kind of people do you like working with? can you deal with pressure? how do you cope with disappointment?

i realised that i cannot complain about the life i live now because i made all the decisions at my free will. i chose medicine. i chose my university. i chose the place of my housemanship training. i chose the hospital i’m working at now. i chose the department i’m in. i chose the specialty i want. i chose to stay at home.

it is the conscious acceptance of all this that keeps me grounded every day. there are consequences to every choice and i will take them all – the good and the bad.

bamboo river has been alright to me so far. being in a surgical department headed by a man who believes in old-school values and principles and training means i feel right at home. the way things work is not very different from ipoh, which is a relief. the downside is it takes all of 3 minutes to brisk walk from the MO quarters to the emergency department…which is a very long time and distance covered compared to ipoh. i expect some weight loss despite the resumption of meals in the afternoon!

i chose this. i chose a life of early rounds and theatres, lumps and bumps, wounds and tears. i can’t complain about any of it. the only thing i can do is my best…

…and make the most out of being back in the klang valley. urbanscapes on a post-call day after 3hrs of sleep? bring it on.


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